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Hello 4th Grade Basketball Parents!
by posted 10/14/2019

Hello Parents!

My name is Evan Will and I will be coaching your 4th grade son along with Nate Cotterell for this year’s 2019-2020 MTBA season.  I just wanted to send out an email and introduce myself and cover some important upcoming dates and times.  I know we have a few familiar faces on the roster, but I am excited to welcome a few new ones as well this year. A quick background about myself is that I am a Firefighter/Paramedic in Dublin and that I played basketball at the College of Wooster for 4 years.  I have played and coached the game of basketball for more than 25 years, and I still play 2-3 times a week around Columbus and at the new BTY facility here in Marysville.  To say the least, I love the game of basketball and am really looking forward to coaching your boys this season.  My son Landen is on the 4th grade team with your kids and goes to Northwood.  I also have another boy name Eli (5) and he will be terrorizing the sidelines.  My wife’s name is Jenny.  Now that I got that out of the way, lets talk important items:

  1.  Our first practice will be next week! However, we just got out of our coaches meeting tonight and all the coaches were still sending availabilities. I will let you know as soon as I hear what day and time. I would like to have a MANDATORY PARENT’S MEETING for 30 min prior to one of the first practices to review my expectations from both you and your son for this season and answer any questions you may have.  Also, this will be a good time to fill out any other necessary paperwork before we start practice, such as emergency medical forms or update/add any contact info for your child.
  2. You all should be receiving emails from the league IT administrator with practice information pertaining to dates and times.  Please pay attention to the schedule as MTBA has a lot of teams to work around and we will be sticking firm to it as there is not much wiggle room.  If you have questions at any point, please see the MTBA website for schedules pertaining to practice and games. The MTBA website is a great resource and is where I will be referring should you guys have any questions for me.  I will also be available as best I can for questions via phone call, text or email.
  3. The game schedule is still being finalized, but I promise I will send out a game schedule as soon as it is completed.  As far as I know, we will be playing around 12-14 games and two tournaments for sure.  I am also able to schedule one extra tournament in Marysville. Of Course, this means extra cost for families for registration fees, but we can feel that out at the parent meeting.  I also have 2-3 multi-team scrimmages in place to get these boys as much hoops as possible!


I think that is the basic gist of everything without going too in depth.  Again, I am really looking forward to working with your kids and watching them grow throughout the season.  We will see you all soon!  Please respond to this email and provide the name of your child so I know every player has received this. 


Evan Will


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